In working with Project Healing Waters, which is an FFF  program to 
teach disabled veterans how to tie flies and subsequently take them 
fishing (after the water gets soft again), we found there were some 
'students' who did not have the use of both hands.  Think about it. 
Tying flies one-handed is a massive challenge, to say the least.

The most recent issue of Fly Fisher magazine (house organ of the 
Federation of Fly Fishers), has an article on the "Evergreen Hand", 
developed by Jesse Scott of the Evergreen Fly Fishing Club in 
Washington State.  It's featured by the FFF Fly Tying Group at:

Steve Burkett of our local club (the Indianapolis Fly Casters) made 
some modifications to the unit found in the Fly Fisher article.   He 
then built four of these systems, in both right-handed and 
left-handed versions.  His version can be seen on the page above, on 
the "examples of modifications" page.

Steve and Cecil Guidry, a Past-President of our club, have made a 
movie and posted it on YouTube showing the Evergreen Hand and how to 
tie a fly (Clouser Minnow) using it.  (The movie is in 3 parts, since 
YouTube has a 10 minute/clip limit.) The 3-part series shows Cecil 
Guidry tying and describing how to tie the Clouser Minnow  using the 
system (Steve Burkett was manning the camera).  There is also a short 
"Introduction to the Evergreen Hand" by Steve.  This short clip also 
appears at the start of both Parts 2 and 3 of the Clouser series, so 
don't think you've clicked on the wrong links.

Enough of my blather.  If you want to see the Evergreen Hand in action, go to:

A lot of hours have been put in by these two fellows getting this 
done in a remarkably short time and they are to be congratulated for 
their dedication to helping disabled vets.

What was really most heart-warming to me was watching Steve and Cecil 
work with three disabled veterans at the Indianapolis VA hospital 
each of whom only had the use of one hand.

Allan Fish
Greenwood, IN
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