May your GOD be your fishing partner.  
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 11:54:29 -0600

got bout 25 pair.....half dozen of those are total crap.......but i keep 'em 
round for cutting wire, etc. 
i've got from junk to the those you see Mike Radencich using 
in his video.......don't really like those that much..... 
my favorite are good ole' Doc Slick.....specially the VERY FINEST NEEDDLE POINT 
get along without those.........they've saved my ass countless times when it 
comes to my trademark tiny heads..... unfortunately, i have to get a new pair 
fairly often.....because the tips are so fine they are very easily damaged. 
but once a year or two aint so tying's 
not for tightwads wanna be a tightwad,
buy your flies..........

> Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:57:39 +0200
> From:
> To: 
> Subject: [VFB] ffisher tyer or collector?
> How many scissors do you have and where do you get them?
> I myself own appr 15 scissors so far. Get some from ff shops (Slick and
> Tiemco), but own in the meantime a couple which I get on fleemarkets.
> Some of them seems to be surgical instruments. Maybe I'm more or less a
> collector. Own over 100 bottles of wine,.... hm back to ffing
> Has anybody insight into scissormaker? Are these instruments really
> designed for tying, or are they selling surgical instruments as ff tools?
> Rene
> > 

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