i love to stop in Bass Pro and or Cabelas as often as possible. One of my 
favorite Cabelas is in Mitchell, South Dakota on I-90 on the way to Montana. 
Great place to stop and rest for a while......usually after having left that 
morning from somewhere just inside the Minnasota line comming from maybe 
somewhere in Ohio the previous morning.........i guess those days are over 
though. Cause i'll prolly never head to Montana from N.Y. anymore. 

The newest and biggest (to be) Cabelas is being built in the Meadowlands (N.J.) 
complex, where the N.Y. Giants and N.Y. Jets play. 
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> I live about an hour's drive from the Cabela's store in Prairie Du Chein,
> WI. It's not one of their biggest
> stores, but it is part of one of Cabela's distribution centers. So if
> you've seen something in one of their
> catalogs and don't see it in the store just ask for it to be retrieved from
> the warehouses. Usually takes
> 20 to 30 minutes. Which is way less time than I spend in the store. It's
> a beautiful drive is along the
> Mississippi river where we always see lots of wildlife, mostly waterfowl
> and several eagles. Now that
> I think about it, I should be going there more often. LOL
> Gary Webb
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> Wes, i've been to i think, every Bass Pro store in the country......but the
> one here in Springflield (2 hours from us) is the biggest. That's their
> home base. The closeout/discount store next door is as big as some of their
> regular stores. The have another store in Branson (where we were all this
> weekend), but it's not as big. Those two stores are just a half hour away
> from eachother.
> But, if you think Bass Pro is big........you should check out Cabela's.....
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