Hi Rene, there is no such site ...

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Gesendet: Dienstag, 3. November 2009 18:00
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Betreff: [VFB] Web Page Test

Hi Gang,

if you have some time, pls do me a favor:

Check out the site :   http://www.alrhome.de/ff/swap.xml
It should show some 10 neat flies with names and tyers. There are some
links on it, but they do not work.

As you see at the extension, it is not html, but xml data. therefore the
display of the page depends upon if your browser can handle the xml and
the xslt stylesheet (for the IT guys among us).

I'm in detail interested, whether older browser or macs can show the page.

If it works, it is much easer to create the pages for swaps than do it
conventionally with HTML.

answers pls to   rene.zillm...@t-online.de


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