Whiting Farms is in the business for creating feathers for fly tyers but 
this is also very good revenue for the farm.   I'm so happy to see them 
keeping busy because I saw a couple of my favorite fly shops go out of 
business.  I think Tom is right when he said the fly shops are also selling 
their feathers on Ebay.  I've seen a lot of them list their feathers for 
extensions and tying so you know who they are trying to market to.   Even if 
they weren't though the hair stylists are pretty savy.  I've had several of 
them contact me through email trying to get me to sell them my feathers.  
They have to be getting my name and email off the Whiting website.  Some of 
them are pretty aggressive.  I guess they're getting even with me for my 
raids on Sally Beauty supplies.  They have some pretty great things to use 
in fly tying also.  I read the post about the hackles and as I see it 
Whiting is always going to have a market with the fashion industry and 
higher end crafters.  I've seen a significant improvement in their Euro 
Hackles and the colors they are making available so I think it has also been 
a benefit to me.  I've been asked to put together a few hair extensions for 
my neighbors daughter and a friend of hers because even they can't really 
afford the prices they're being charged.  The major market is young girls.  
So I just tied up four of them tonight for the girls and swore them to 
secrecy because I'm not interested in making them for anyone else.  I also 
got the chance to introduce them to the real thing tied into flies.  They 
were amazed so hopefully it left an impression on them.  I told them when 
they were ready they could come back for a fly tying lesson.  LOL.  They 
looked at my Maine Streamers and decided they would make beautiful 
earrings.  Of course the most savy of us fly tyers have already figured that 
one out.  I see them sold at fly shows more often than not.
I'm sure the fad will pass.  Anyone wishing to sell their hackles will make 
a bundle but a good reason not to do that is that the supply and demand is 
very high and you may get rich but you will have a lot of competition when 
you try to replace them.  I think the fad will pass and the demand will ease 
up a little and we will most likely see a good supply in the future.  
Whiting is making adjustments for it, it just takes time.    We can all 
blame Chris Reeves and Joe Cordiero for wearing hackles in their hair at the 
flyshows.   LOL....  It's their fault not Dr. Toms.   Heee Heee.  I'm just 
having fun with this.   I think it's a great way to store my hackles for 
stream side fly fixes.   I am kidding....  I'm not wearing feathers in my 
hair.  Just don't let your wives see you crimping hackles in your hair.

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