count me in Rick.


On 1/2/2012 5:31 PM, Rick Zieger wrote:
Choose a hook style from the hooks at Dai-Riki I think.
Hooks are from $55 to $65/thousand.
Add 10% for excise tax and $5.00 for postage. I will divinded the hooks
up by weight on a scale at the chemistry deparmten tof the local
University. You will get equal numbers of hooks in several sytles and sizes.

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what is this hook swap?


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Definately interested!
*Eric Worm*
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*"And when it all goes well, when your dog does the difficult and does
it with style, what you get isn't a bagged bird but the honor of sharing
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love. That is a taste of heaven, friends, and it's why the dog man
hunts. And frankly, most of us kick through one hell of a lot of weeds
between glimpses of Heaven." -Steve Grooms*

Peggy Brenner

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