This brings to mind a couple of interesting (at least they are to me) stories.

1. Our club used to go up to Michigan to fish for trout in the Ausable River. In the summer, there was allways a big 'canoe hatch'. We'd come in at night and there would be a bunch of the guys griping about the canoe hatch. I told them I enjoyed the canoe hatch. I would throw a weighted nymph in right behind the canoe as the would go past (sometimes sideways) and usually catch a trout. My theory was that the unskilled paddlers were stirring up the bottom and the fish would key in on the goodies that they stirred up. I don't think I ever converted anyone to my tactic.

2. One time I took my wife up there. We were fishing the South Branch. Three guys came up to the stream and the older guy started yelling and cussing that we were fishing "in MY spot"! That was not too long after I had my first knee replacement and was still walking with a cane (which, by the way, makes a good wading staff). I refused to move. And that S.O.B. (silly old boy) got into the stream and stomped right up the middle through where we were fishing, still yelling and cussing, while his son was yelling back at him saying, "Dad, CALM DOWN." We left and I haven't fished that stream since.

So I've got mixed emotions. If that's how Michiganders treat folks who pay about 10 times what they do for a fishing license, they can keep their over-fished streams. However, if I ever go up there with a group again, I'll hope for a good canoe hatch. <g>


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