On 02/16/2018 11:29 AM, John Koelndorfer wrote:

There was a patchset released for qemu that greatly improves the emulated
audio device sound quality. It helps with the frequent popping you'd hear
with vanilla qemu. See this thread on reddit:

It's not upstreamed so you will need to apply it yourself. Alternatively if
you are using Arch Linux, there's a package on the AUR with the patches
already applied:https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/qemu-patched/. I have
been using it for some time without issue.

In my configuration I use an emulated Intel HDA device with output to
I am using a cmedia USB audio device not emulated sound (this is a server without any video/audio packages on the host), but thanks for the info.

On 02/16/2018 07:46 AM, Jayme Howard wrote:

I had this problem, and ended up doing audio over HDMI to the monitor,
which has a jack for a speaker.  Zero audio stuttering since then.  That
was with a 970.  I've since upgraded to a 1080, and haven't retested the
USB thing, but also don't see a need to because this works perfectly.
My screen has no audio out :[

Yeah the video card audio is the best, and it saves a pci-e port (or usb port if you use crappy usb audio like me)

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