I hear ya....
There could be a much simpler interface.  I felt this way as I was implementing it :(  I didnt do the design, but i worked it into drupal. 
personally, i am big on 'Less is More' approach, especially with intital site launches.... it not only makes a service appear simpler, but it also makes it easier to track bugs in concentrated phases.  I dont like clutter... I dont like adding features after feature just because you can.  I dont like chaotic experiences.  I may not always abide, but i consciously try.

I admittedly get further out of the ourmedia loop everyday... just dont have spare time... and when i do, i have preferred to work on my own projects.  I spent months with ourmedia launch... so i dont feel bad... kinda hand off the baton.  all good. 
I dont know who is in charge of organizing member support and/or creating updated help pages and site related alerts.... but its a tough job, no doubt. 

Yeah sure... its alpha its beta.. and all that.  But maybe there comes a point where you cant hide behind those words.  Its been like 8 months since the site was worked on. 
But almost everyone is a volunteer so.... you cant blame anyone... and people get tired. 

Does ourmedia have 100% focus from the people who started it?  no.  but that is inevtiable.  I know Marc Canter is out hyping a new project which is basically ourmedia on steroids...
It is part of his Digital Lifestyle Aggregator concept... and called 'GoingOn' Network.  http://marc.blogs.it/archives/2005/07/the_goingon_net.html

I know there is an extreme amount of dedication involved with ourmedia.  It's just not easy providing a free service and not have problems.  Hopefully, they get funded soon and can hore more help. 

You cant really be mad when these things happen. Everyone should know from the get go, that the services from IA and ourmedia will be prone to problems.
It stinks when your vlog gets all screwed up and you have to take time to make adjustments or re-upload media.... but its better than paying, right? 

I'll see if I can ping someone and get them over here to make an update.... or prob Jay or Raymond are on it? 


On 7/28/05, johngaltsjournal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I don't mind you worrying, if you don't mind the hair loss that comes with it.

Should I be angry about this?...maybe.  If IA and Ourmedia want people like Erin and I,
people who are not necessarily tech-savvy, why don't they make pages to explain this
stuff?   Why don't they make these sites more intuitive so my mom can use them?

They do a great service-- period-- but I never feel that there are actual people at work
behind the two sites.  (except for Raymond when he was a moderator)  I know there are
folks working many hours on this stuff, but...I dunno..I just have some 35 links to fix..

"Shitty But Free" is the title of my autobiography

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Watkins" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> My view is based on assumption rather than definite knowledge, but Im
> vaguely sure its on the right path:
> This problem is not archive.org or ourmedias fault. Or rather, if they
> arre at fault, it is only for not making it clearer to all users of
> the system what the correct way to use links is.
> As I understand it, archive.org has a cluster system where there are
> lots of differnt machines hosting different content. All the
> redirector stuff is there because of this, it talks to the main server
> which knows which server the content is really on and redirects.
> People using the urls of the file on a specific server is therefore
> dangerous practise, because at any time the way the content is
> balanced across the cluster might be changed. Neither archive.org or
> ourmedia have ever guaraunteed that such links would remain unchanged
> for all eternity, as far as I know. I dont really use either myself,
> but I just went to ourmedia and the link they give to content is
> clearly of the correct www.archive.org type.
> Now on the otherhand its clearly extremely understandable that so many
> users have used the link to the specific server, because it is exposed
> to them, you see that address in your browser, and some people have
> probably advised others to use those addresses in the past. It was
> wrong advise, but you werent to know.
> Conclusion: Its one of those things. Within any group theres bound to
> be some stuff that only a few techies know, any they may mention it
> here ocassionally, but this isnt enough to 'save' the group from
> mini-nightmares such as this. Whats required is that such
> knowledge/warnings/advise are picked up by the masses. In practise
> this may mean a non-techie translating such advise into clearspeak and
> making sure its a feature of guides on prominent community websites etc.
> Anyway personally I am a worrier, so I spend so my time looking for
> pitfalls and potential nightmares, and I never know which ones are
> appropriate to badger the group about. eg I went on and on and on
> about 3ivx's apparent 'pay for me if you want to use me' policy,
> because I feared that chunks of the community could fall foul of this
> down the line. But clearly nobody (including me) wants the list to be
> dominated by my worries, and at what point do legitimate fears/advise
> become scaremongering? All I know is that I absolutely loathe it when
> prior-knowledge is wasted, I hate being in a 'told you so' position,
> because then its too late and it ust feels like rubbing it in and stuff.
> Someone write me a self-help guide that isnt 'how to stop worrying'
> but 'how to make worrying useful'.
> Steve of Elbows
> Steve of Elbows
> --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Josh Leo < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I just made a post about it on wearethemedia.com
> <http://wearethemedia.com>
> >
> > if anyone has any information about the actual reason that this is
> happening
> > I would love to include it in the post.
> >
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> > Josh Leo
> >
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