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The podcasters are discussing a podcastathon and podcastawards.com on their yahoo group for those of you who are interested in such things. Which is not to say I think we should discuss either here but rather let the podcasters discuss it to death and note their conclusions so we don't have to.

I'm aware of the discussions Jan, but beyond that....*Huh???*  *scratching head*

In fact, discussions about a vlogathon are ongoing (through the initiatives of mostly Raymond & Chuck) over at http://www.screenvlog.com/vlogathon/ if you want to participate and personally, I think you should :)
We shoot for a Thanksgiving 2005 date around which to do this thing. Based on yesterday's videoconference, looks like we like the idea of raising money for kids somehow, kids and media.

It isn't that we podcasters don't like the idea of doing something for charity.  It's just that there are technical issues which, like it or not, simply cannot be avoided.  And since we're talking about using video, this brings about more issues.

I never said on the podcasters group that a Podcast-A-Thon wouldn't work (though admittedly I did use those words, which was a poor judgement on my part).  What i was aiming at was the fact that it would have to be done differently than the original poster had thought.  I basically said that about the only way it would work was if there was a centralized place with a lot of bandwidth for one to upload their podcasts (a.k.a KYOURadio.com, which would be prime for something like this assuming Viacom would be interested in pitching in) and for people to subscribe to the feed and download podcasts.

OTFS, unlike us podcasters, there is no place like KYOURadio.com type of website for us video bloggers to utilize (I don't count the IA because it would be useless in a time sensitive environment/situation).  This needs to change.  Jay, any chance that MNN might somehow step up to the plate to fill this void?  Steve G. or Ryanne, what about Boston area CA TV?  Would they be interested in stepping up?

I wished I could've jumped in on yesterday's video conference (even if all I can do right now is audio only till I get a better, more updated cam), but alas, I digress...  I'll just have to wait till next time.  :-)  In the meantime, anyone have an idea when the archive from yesterday will be ready?  Just wonderin'  :-)

Cheers for now  :-)

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