>  I encouraged Dmitry to post that here. Sorry about that.
>  I got excited about the Veoh launch (and all the other products launching,
> too).  All the development going on is one of the most exciting things, to
> me. Personally, I like to see the relevent press releases, but maybe they're
> better for a different list.

>  -Halcyon
>  SpreadingThePink.com

Halcyon(funny that we call each other by these names)....you work for
Veoh, correct?
what is the difference between what youre offering and me having my
own videoblog with a feed?

it also says on your site that :
"Veoh does not charge content producers to broadcast their content,
and allows them to specify if they would like to offer that content
for free or for a fee. Veoh derives revenues from taking a percentage
of the fee, or advertising wrapped around the free content."

so why would i host my video on veoh and and allow it to be wrapped in ads?
this IPTV-hype reminds me of all the problems with regular TV.



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