[Knew it. Knew all along Richard was CIA. Ya know, they send those guys for
six months' training at Stand Up NY these days?]

I've been trying to figure out an answer to this question since the topic
came up.

If the question is (don't lost the question): Do you have some hidden agenda
that affects your presence in the vlogosphere? My answer - beyond a pressing
need to better learn to create moving pictures / sound and grow an
audience - is, "No."

I freelance and actually take a great risk posting vids taken at work but
I'm as passionate about the income-producing technical work as I am the art
and @ center, there's no difference between one and the other. Suspect I've
lost one job directly related to videoblogging, but that was bottom line a
good thing, psychologically if not fiscally. Like my grannie says, "Screw
'em if they can't take a joke."


"It isn't done alone. Pay more."

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> OK Ok ... enough already ... I confess ... I am a CIA operative who
> has been tracking Schlomo on the video blog list for some time, and we
> have suspected many of these things he blantently admits to for a long
> time ... however, now that we realize he has had a high level meeting
> with the president, we're pretty much backing off ... buu ahh haaaaa
> !!!!!
> ... RichardSecretAgentManShow ....


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