On Fri, 19 Aug 2005 18:47:16 +0200, akonix_dmitry 

> We have sent out one email to our [EMAIL PROTECTED] list, announcing the
> launch of our video uploader.  The only emails on our list are people
> that have sent an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  If your name is
> inappropriately on the list, please email me directly at

I have never contacted Veoh before, and I recieved an invitation to Veoh 
last Sunday. It's unsolicited, it's spam and it's illegal (at least where 
I live).

If this is not sanctioned by your organization I suggest that you take a 
long, serious talk with Maddie Gaskill your Marketing "Specialist".

> We do NOT harvest any email, will not release our email list to any
> third party, and will not spam.

How did my e-mail address end up on your notify list then? I shouldn't 
have to opt-out of your mailing adventures - you shouldn't even have added 
me in the first place.

> If at any time you experience any inappropriate activity from Veoh or
> any of its employees, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

I have CC'ed you directly as well. The complete e-mail from Maddie 
Gasskill is included below. I actually replied to this email because I 
wanted to see what Veoh is (mostly, because I don't believe in your 
business model). I wasn't going to comment on the email in this thread, 
but when you claimed that you've only been mailing people who have 
contacted you beforehand I got mad. Lying is not acceptable.

- Andreas


To: andreas [at] solitude.dk
Subject: What is Veoh?
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 20:12:38 -0400

We are a combination broadcaster and distributer of high quality video via 
the Internet.  Veoh uses peer-to-peer file
sharing as an alternative to traditional video distribution.  As a result, 
Veoh can open opportunities that have never
before existed for all filmmakers and video producers.  With this 
technology, filmmakers can focus on the creative
process because Veoh has solved the distribution problem.  And, best of 
all, it's free for all publishers.
Our investors are high profile in the media space, so we have access to a 
lot of mainstream media, but our primary
focus is the long tail of video.  We want Independent films, how-to 
videos, documentaries, music videos, crazy stuff
(adult allowed), political commentary, or any other possibility out there.
The beta version of our software will be available on Monday, August 15th 
and makes it incredibly easy to upload your
video to the network.
We are giving the early adopters an invite code so that their work can be 
front and center in this new form of media.
Please contact me to receive yours!

Maddie Gaskill
Veoh Networks, Inc.
Community Marketing Specialist
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