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Microsoft website seems to talk about 2.1 being the newest version.

2.1 is the latest version.

    The problem with the one installed on my machine is that the export
operation has a wizard that I can't seem to shut off.  It lists its 768
kpbs as being for LAN instead of for Broadband as mentioned in the Free
Vlog tutorial.  No biggie, I figure it's the same thing - right?

Right.  Same thing.

problem is that I have virtually no other options to adjust, including
output size which seems locked at 640 x 480.

MovieMaker doesn't have an export options screen other than that very basic one with the predetermined settings and their corresponding names (LAN, Pocket PC, Broadband, etc)

It's a very stripped down program.  I'd use the "Video for Broadband 512K" option.

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