Thanks to Schlomo for posting some links to interesting content today.
I'm all for it.
I love it when discussion on this list turns to content.

Here is another way we can share our choices of content that has been mentioned here several times, but many new people may not be aware of.

Clint wrote out some great instructions for it over on <URL: >

Basically, you put this little button in your web browser that says "Post to Delicious"
Then whenever you find a cool video, you just click that button and fill in some fields.
You tag the page with "watchthis" and other relevant keywords.
Then everyone who is subscribed to the "watchthis" tag gets to see what you picked.

The feed is at <URL: >

Also, if you find one particular person seems to be tagging a lot of stuff that you think is cool, you can subscribe to that person's feed as well.

e.g., my feed is at <URL: >
and one of the feeds I subscribe to is <URL: >



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