On 9/16/05, Michael Sullivan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
The irony is, most people who complain about this 'defining of terms' are those who would indeed rant out against governing bodies who force bullshit regulations and the broadcast networks force feeding us bullshit news and entertainment content.  If you dont want to eat that shit, why should you want to eat a nonsensical language that you decided to not contribute to deifning yourself.... of the media landscape that you enjoy?

Well, for me, because I got tired of the argument.  It's not that I don't understand the merit of proper definition, in fact I hate when words are used out of context or absent of meaning.  I just tried to bow out of this one because I decided it wasn't worth my effort.  I, and all the other videobloggers I know personally or even remotely know, call it videoblogging.  If someone else wants to call it PepsiPodding, fuck em.  We'll still be calling it videoblogging, won't we?


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