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On 10/26/05, andrew michael baron <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I standby my claim: you have a lot to learn about new media.

as i mentioned before. there is no need to be patronising.. it's too much of let down to have to send you my CV andrew, so please trust me.. i know a fair amount about new media.

Lets take a look again at your original blab, which I would call very patronizing:

"a rocketboom clone? ..erm... you know.. call me crazy but i'm sure i've seen casual presenters sitting there telling us about stuff with a cue sheet in their hand before somewhere, hmm.. i think it might have been called television. 
rocketboom have a style all of their own, but they certainly didn't create that visual presentation format... any 'trendy' shows on Channel 4 (uk), MTV et al from the late 80s and early nineties... "

This was your next response:

"lol... there's no need to be patronising andrew, i was only talking about visual content/style.. take away the RSS and the links shown below the video and what do you have? "

So you say, there is no need to be patronizing, and yet you patronize? Is this not the presentation of a magician?

And to your answer? What is left when you take away the technicalities?

If you don't see anything, it just seems like you may be missing some of the tools needed to be able to see.

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