Oh the longtail.....The way I see it, it is not particularly the themed content that will bring in the masses but the fact that this so called "popular" themed content is centered around a very specific audience: internet geeks out there. Ok lets see here...Rocketboom has a wide variety of topics but it is reaching a crowd of people on the internet that is already familiar with tech, internet oddities, and boing-boingable things...Then you have Tikibar tv...very well produced, but includes the eye-candy for males, and the alcohol for many tech-savy young men who make up the majority of the internet. The final example that we brought up is the KItkast....um SEX....what does the internet revolve around? SEX. I tell you that if i had themed content specifically centered around Grand Rapids, Backpacking, Geocaching, or folk music, I would not be appealing to the majority of the internet crowd that makes up our viewership. Sure I would bring in all the people who live in GR , or those online backpackers, but the rest of the tech-savy people would be bored because I am not talking about T&A or iPods...

Themed content is easy to understand but it still comes down to producing quality content. A personal vlog that is made in such a way that it is entertaining, well produced, and compelling has a better chance at gaining a large audience than a well-produced vlog about a niche market.

so in conclusion

-The internet is dominated of sex-crazed, tech-savy males
-content that apeals to these characteristics has a better chance than other more minute niche topics
-content that is well-made, and compelling is more important than theme
-if your aim is large viewership, focus on what you think is interesting, and make it good
-in the end, I like cat videos a lot.... vlogcats.blogspot.com

i am sure there is something someone can get pissed off about in what i just wrote...but seriously, let's not get too bent out of shape here...i love it all and this isn't life...that is what we should be filming

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> On Oct 26, 2005, at 12:54 PM, LeanBackVids.com wrote:
> > As you can tell, this is something I get fired up about.  It is my
> > opinion that theme-based vlogs will thrive while personal vlogs will
> > generally be reserved for friends/family.
> It's seems to me what your not saying in this statement is that it's
> somehow better to have a theme-based vlog, ie they "thrive" while
> personal vlog will be "reserved."  I think the whole point about
> videoblogging is that none of that matters.  It's totally besides the
> point.
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