> I really rarely read this group any more because (a) you are all so far
> above my head now that I can't keep up, and (b) I suspect I"ve become a
> thorn in many sides since I now rarely receive any response at all.

i always have little tech questions.
soemtimes I post on the group...but oftne i email people
directly...becasue i uslaly need more help than one email.
i think youve made friends with people on this group....
you can always email me directly if you have a tech questions.
we all started confused with this stuff.
friends of mine will tell you that im still pretty ignorant now.

> But my big frustration is in trying to find a format.  Any format.  I
> started posting in .wmv but people couldn't see that and I was told that
> QuickTime was the way to go, so I started posting in QuickTime.  Then I was
> told that QuickTime couldn't be loaded onto the new iPods and I should use
> 3ivx, which I did.  Now some people complaint that they can't see those.  I
> post to both Blip and YouTube.  You Tube uses flash.  Some can see it, some
> can't.  Nerissa helped me with creating imbedded players on my site, which
> some complain can't be seen.  Then Robert very kindly took a video for me
> and converted it into two flash formats, one of which I can't see.  I've
> upgraded my windows media viewer.  I've upgraded my flash format and though
> I have no problem viewing the videos most of you guys post, my own videos
> can be seen by some, not by all.

see, youre already ahead of the curve.
i was at a devloper's confernce last month.
there were reps from Yahoo, reuters, etc...and everyone was frustrated
with video formats.
there is no format that works everywhere.
the commercial world is going all Flash.....but its not remixable..and
very often difficult to aggregate.
I have never seen flash done well.
usually its some commercial player that streams flash and has ads
before and after the video.

> For the average, run of the mill, senior citizen who just wants to watch a
> video and not get into video blogging, etc....what is the best way to go?  I
> belong to Senior Net and people are enthusiastic about seeing my videos, but
> cannot see either 3ivx or YouTube's flash.  My boss wants me to put a video
> on his web page, which I did in several formats, none of which he is able to
> access from his computer.

if someone has a problem watching your video on their machine...its
not YOUR fault.
very oftnen its a person who doesnt know how to install the most basic
software for viewing video.
Quicktime and WMV.
we're also all the unfortunate victims of a war between MS and Apple.
they dont want to play nice with each other.

my suggestion is just make video thats easiest for you.
if you have a Windows machine....make WMV.
if you have an apple, use QT.
i have a Mac computer but can watch both formats easily.

if your viewer has problems watching your videos....
send them a link to the correct player.

> I have studied all of Josh's excellent training videos and tried everything
> and nothing works consistently.
> I am so confused and so frustrated.  It's not like I'm posting anything
> terribly creative or important or anything else.  And my god have I learned
> a lot in the past six months, but at every turn I come up against another
> brick wall when someone says "I tried, but I can't view your videos."

i can watch your videos....
you must realize that youre ahead of most of your friends now.
its time for you to teach them.


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