Its a sad joke that Apple still havent fixed this ( I was hoping
QT7.0.4 fixed it but just tried and no, still doesnt take account of
rectangular pixels).

When this problem was first discussed here, I got it as wrong as Apple
 (mind mess over rectangualr pixels), but its inexcusable that they
havent sorted it out yet, all these years I heard how Apple were
better for video and then they make a mistake like this.

Regarding why your workarounds havent worked:

When you tried going to 640x480 first, you then tried exporting the
640x480 version using the 'export to ipod (320x240)'? And this fixed
the 320x213 issue but the video quality wasnt as good? Strange, as I
wouldnt have expected pre-reducing to 640x480 to affect the quality of
the final m4v file, unles the 640x480 resizing hasnt been done
properly (eg interlacing issues) or Apple ahve something strange going
on with the ipod export resize filters.

As far as what the nearest manual settings are for achieving the same
as apples ipod export option, its possible apple have done some
special tweaks to that mode, but its possible to get nearly the same

Export to mpeg4
Video type: H264
bitrate: about 700kbits/sec
frame rate same as source
Key frame: dunno, experiment
press 'video options' button:
Untick Main, tick Baseline
Choose Best quality or Faster Encode (see below)*

AAC-LC (Music)
128 kbps
rest of audio settings probably dont matter much

*Apple made some ipod export changes with qt7.0.4 compared to 7.0.3.
Based on encoding times, I believe QT7.0.3 ipod export used multi-pass
mode (so better quality) but Apple were getting stick for how slow the
export was, so in QT7.0.4 theyve changed it to Single-Pass to stop
encoding times being too depressing. Take your pick.

Hoe that helps a little, if you are on a Mac then consider trying
alternative encoders like iSquint to see if you prefer the quality, if
you are on Windows there are other options too.

Steve of Elbows

--- In, "civanyi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Question:  Had anyone had any luck replicating the sharpness, and
file size of the export 
> to iPod 320x240 function, but by doing it manually?  
> I have found the quality, and file size of "export" to iPod
(320x240) to be very appealing, 
> with one exception, the stretch factor.  Why does Apple not take
into consideration the 
> rectangular pixels of the 720x480 format, and make them square to a
true 320x240 size, 
> not 320x213?  
> Because every time I have tried a manual compression from DV to
320x240, the image is 
> just not as sharp, and the file sizes are larger than the standard
export to iPod 320-x240. 
> And I have tried a variety of compressions.  
> I have tried making a self-contained 720x480 DV NTSC movie into a
640x480 DV NTSC 
> movie.   Then, I have done a variety of manual compressions, m4v,
mp4, mov, with Video, 
> or Sorenson 3, or MPEG$ settings.  (The h.264 is definitely the best
in quality and size).  
> But again, none of the manual compression schemes come up to the
quality of the 
> automatic export to iPod (320x240)
> I have also tried going directly to 320 x 240 DV NTSC from 720x480,
and worked a variety 
> of manual compressions, but to no avail.
> I am curious to know if others have had similar experiences.
> Chris

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