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On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 20:44:14 +0100, Michael Sullivan 

> josh,
> dont make me greasemonkey fireant!
> ha.

Hehe. :o)
In Opera I get ?ajax=off appended to all links. I'm wondering what kind of 
Ajax-y goodness I'm missing out on and I'm wondering if FireANT is doing 
some kind of browser-sniffing because Opera does support Ajax. So I 
considered Greasemonkey-ing my way out of it (because Opera has native 
Greasemonkey support and it rocks).

I found the blog post permalinks. If I click to see the video preview I 
get the links. Maybe turning the blog post title into a link is an idea.

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We had it that way for a while (titles as permalinks) and it's confusing as hell for the user.  They're not expecting to be taken off site when every other link on the site drills down.  Besides, clicking on a channel gets you a buttload of details about the channel, including the ability to preview or queue all their past feed items.

I'll test in Opera to see if our AJAX libraries work.  It's actually something I plan on fixing, but the ajax=off is added actually for Safari, which pukes with Rico, our AJAX library.  It's also there for the search engines and other browsers I can't verify AJAX support in as well.  I've hand coded another method for getting content in to Safari (which is missing XML Serialization and an html properly on the returned AJAX object, so neither IE nor FireFox's methods for getting the XHTML from the xmlhttp object back work in Safari, but I have found another method for doing it with responseText, which is a bit poorer, but does work, I just haven't adapted the Preview window to use it yet).

We don't provide direct links to the media.  Is this something people would like to see?  You can queue it and easily get that info out of the RSS, but I'm not sure people would like us hotlinking to their media files.  What do other people think?  I don't want to start another debate about whether media files should be seperated from Videoblog posts (direct downloads), but should we offer hotlinks to the media for download?

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