There's definitely value in the archives, and in genres of information.

Now that I have a good library of Minnesota Stories videos, all categorized,
I'm going to make those categories prominent. It's something we take
for granted on text blogs, but I think if you call it something other than
Archives by Category (yawn) -- more like Videos by Category, people
will want to explore. 

That opens up an opportunity for sponsorship by type of content. Obviously
this doesn't apply to most vlogs, but my content is all over the map. A local
club might want to sponsor the "music" genre of videos, for example. 
It's basically the PBS model, where you see "Science programming on WGBH
is brought to you by 3M."

I've actually got an opportunity brewing along these lines, for architecture/
urban development. It was triggered by a video I made about an old mill
building being renovated into riverfront condos in downtown Minneapolis. 
The real estate community really latched on to this and saw the power of
video, and how it could benefit them. 

Where it gets tricky is they want me to make a series of videos about
a new condo development.. follow the citizen meetings, the building, etc.
I'm interested in that kind of long-term video project, and having access.
But there's the huge question of editorial integrity and editorial control.
Sponsorship and content are ideally completely separate, though you see
it blurring all the time. It's something I'm struggling with... I think 
editorial control is of utmost important if it's going to be on my vlog, instead
of a straight-up corporate video they put on their site. It also has much more
value to them being on my vlog, much more integrity and reach. Just as
it would if a news station followed a condo development, that has a lot of

Anyway, the only way I can imagine doing it is if they sponsor that *type*
of vlog programming, which would include following the condo development
but also anything else related to architecture, housing issues, and so on.

(any thoughts??)

I also have no idea how to price something like this.


--- In, Caution Zero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- Enric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >  If the ad was generic enough it may have longer
> > pertinence.  But I
> > would think the ad would be less meaningful and
> > valuable to the
> > company paying for it in time.
> seems like sponsorship campaigns would potentially
> have a greater chance of maintaining value in this
> time-shifting situation - associating your brand with
> the brand halo of a RB has a value, even if you're not
> selling a specific product.  one of the reasons
> internet advertising at the level of raw banner ad
> units is hard to effectively measure is that even if a
> user doesn't click on the ad, there's value in just
> getting your message or your brand in front of a user
> in the first place.  

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