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I've been thinking about my videoblog watching habits...

I almost exclusively watch on the video ipod now. I fill it up at
mefeedia. My preferred watching places are:
1) my television
2) the laundrymat

I watch on the TV (using the ipod cable) in the morning, on saturdays
and such.. while working on the computer or cooking... it just plays
in the background, now and then I actively watch, other times I just
let it play ...
The only thing I hate is not having a URL to go leave a comment, so people, PUT YOUR URL IN EACH POST!!!

I have to say, I'm much like Peter (his email copied below)

It's so convenient for my habits that watching with iPod on TV is my preferred method.

When I'm on the computer, I'm doing other work, so I don't watch videos.

However, it's not background for me - I usually watch in the evening before bed, when I used to veg out and watch TV.

The issue of including url's in videos is actually broader, in the sense that, watching videos like this takes away the text "blog" context all together. So, there are constraints on what videos will work.

a) Videos where all the necessary info, including some beginning and ending thing that tells you whose video it is, including url for future reference works best.

b) Of course, if your videos don't work on iPod then I can't watch them this way.

... certainly some would argue that this is "bad" because a unique thing about video blogs is that they are contained in a blog, and also, I am forcing the users to have to publish in a certain format with certain constraints

... those are both reasonable points, and my main response would be that I enjoy doing it this way, so that's how I do it ... also, the vast majority of vlogs that I watched via the computer still meet these criteria

... the other thing for vloggers it that I think you will find, as more and more people watch video on vlogs, more and more of them will not actually be vloggers, and more and more of them will just want to watch videos, because this is what they're used to, and what they enjoy - my theory anyway - so, if it's important that your videos be available for those people, then you need to meet the criteria above; but you may not care, and that's fine too ... really

... Richard


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