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> >These two
> >young people have taken video blogging to a whole new level and 
> >really deserve some sort of best video blog of the year award.
> OK, so I'm going to call you on this.
> How have they "taken video blogging to a whole new level"?
> My understanding is that they made a short film, like tens of 
> thousands of people do each year, and in a traditional anti-new media 
> move, have submitted it to a short film festival (like tens of 
> thousands of people do each year), and it did OK, but not great (like 
> thousands of short films do each year).

They made a full length film, 85 minutes long (
http://imdb.com/title/tt0439182/combined ) and appear to have
submitted it to top tier film festivals.

> Then to promote the film, they did six short video pieces about the 
> behind the scenes of making the film. Sounds a lot like what Matthew 
> Clayfield did with Kite Circuit[1].
> Am I understanding correctly?
> The only thing that piqued my interest, was a statement by the 
> filmmakers that the videos were extensions of the film, and although 
> they didn't directly say it, by implication the personas in the 
> videos are subsequently fictional. Sounds like another online serial 
> to me.

It's not clear if the episodes are fictional or factual.  Perhaps I
missed something on the website and I haven't seen all the episodes
yet.  But in episode two they talk about the film and her parents

> I admit the charcter (not narrative) connection between film and 
> video is interesting, but no different to mainstream media doing a 
> film and a TV series.
> I haven't seen their film. In fact I couldn't find anywhere on their 
> site which tells me where or how to see the film. My recommendation 
> to them would be to release it,  at least in low quality, on the web. 
> Perhaps the buzz from making the connection between film and video 
> series would generate them more attention.

They're trying to get distribution for the film.  They're asking
people to to check mark "I want to see Four Eyed Monsters at a theater
in my area" which I assume they'll use to convince investors and
distributors to distribute the film.

> >I am astonished at their production skills combined with brilliant
> >writing and assembling from a wide variety of shots including serious
> >special effects to deliver an amazing virtual experience into their
> I couldn't see anything particularly "brilliant" in the video series.
> >It is truly a gift from GOD what they are doing.
> Like I said, I haven't seen the film, so it could be REALLY good.

I don't think most people have seen it outside of festivals.

> Having said that, I think they need to take a step back and embrace 
> the new media a bit better, instead of using the online medium 
> essentially to promote an offline product. It would thus be offensive 
> to give them any kind of video blogging award for this.

Agreed, the series is not about blogging or videoblogging (it is
primarily video podcasting:  http://foureyedmonsters.com/subscribe/ )
  -- Enric

> Or maybe I've misundertood.
> Regards,
>   Richard
> [1] http://www.sequential-one.com/kitecircuit/

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