a special thanks to you for so succinctly answering yet another of my newbie questions...
also thanks to Josh, and everybody else on this list who lent their expertise the past couple months...
and let's not forget Freevlog, who got the ball rolling.
So things are much clearer now, and yep, i've got a blog:
but the past couple months i'd been experimenting RSS stuff via my test blog site...
and sometimes feedvalidator found issues with the feed as burned by feedburner...
But now my Eklektro blog is validating... though there are still some html issues, though i doubt they're really causing problems.
i'm just working myself down the priority list... 
and right now the iTunes titles and descriptions are something i'd like to figure out...
and specifically as related to my blog entries... 
(so i can ideally keep everything via one feedburner feed!)
So i'll check out the Smartcast and other things on Feedburner.. thanks much!
from los angeles, but currently blogging Brazil!

On Mar 23, 2006, at 9:41 AM, wrote:

The simple answer is everything is automatic. If everything is 

working properly on your blog, everytime you post your feed will be 


Feedburner has a title/description burner where you can alter these 

things on your feed. Also make sure that you have filled out the 

SmartCast settings in feedburner too. Sometimes iTunes takes a few 

days to update these things but if it's correct in feedburner then 

it will be correct in itunes eventually. It's probably a good idea 

to keep everything pointing at feedburner for a lot of different 

reasons one of which is that it makes it easy if you ever change 

your hosting situation. 

Bill Streeter


--- In, greg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

greetings all,

well i've got a feed up and running via Feedburner, and soon i'm  

ready to add another video clip.

one thing i'm not quite clear on is whether or not i need to 


anything so that the new clip becomes part of the feed?

is this done automatically the next time the feed is "pinged"?


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