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> Anyway - this is what the panel I'm organizing for vloggercon will
be about.
> Should be interesting.

Crazy how an simple question of "where can i find a hostess" turns
into an all-day discussion of sexism in media.

But that's exactly where it starts Matt.

Of course no body should stop that conversation for people who want to
argue theories, but will new people ever post again after igniting
themselves on fire?

I thought it was a very tame conversation.  I was being very polite :) ...maybe a bit smart-assed, but that's just my way.

Most likely a person will revert to being a "lurker" and not subject
themselves to the heat again.  Don't get me wrong, I love this group
and enjoy hearing the opinions of others.  (If you haven't noticed
yet, I like to vocalize my opinions too.)

But there is a side-effect to having such an intense group.  It
doesn't feel as warm and cozy as it once did.

I thought it was a very good discussion, I'd hate to exclude anyone from it.  I think it's an important issue that bears a ton of discussion.

People weighed in on one side, and some on the other...this is how discussion works.  It would have been great to have the person that posted the question participate more.  Maybe there could have been ways that we as a group could have suggested to get the viewership they want without depending on window dressing?

Maybe we can all bring matches and rocks to the Vloggercon panel so
that we can really burn and stone the people we disagree with.

meh that'd just get too messy after a while. 

My problem wasn't with the original person that posted the question (sorry can't remember who that was) but the school of thought that the idea was coming from.  That school of thought desrves all the rocks and fire it can get.

Just kidding... hopefully there is still a sense of humor.


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