I don't think it's crazy at all.
It's about the purpose of the question, the intent, and the
consequences of the plan. Yeah it's a business decision, but so is
padding your expense account.

Mary Beth

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> > Anyway - this is what the panel I'm organizing for vloggercon will
> be about.
> > Should be interesting.
> Crazy how an simple question of "where can i find a hostess" turns
> into an all-day discussion of sexism in media.
> Of course no body should stop that conversation for people who want to
> argue theories, but will new people ever post again after igniting
> themselves on fire?
> Most likely a person will revert to being a "lurker" and not subject
> themselves to the heat again.  Don't get me wrong, I love this group
> and enjoy hearing the opinions of others.  (If you haven't noticed
> yet, I like to vocalize my opinions too.)
> But there is a side-effect to having such an intense group.  It
> doesn't feel as warm and cozy as it once did.
> Maybe we can all bring matches and rocks to the Vloggercon panel so
> that we can really burn and stone the people we disagree with.
> Just kidding... hopefully there is still a sense of humor.
> -Matt

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