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I was going to respond to her video, but I'm a white guy, so I didn't
bother. But hold on, I'm Canadian...so I think I'm exempt from the


> Allow me to be the first non "white guy" to reply to your video. For
> the record, I'm Native American. Dont even try to talk to me about
> racsim. You wont get very far. I'm pretty sure you dont have any first
> hand experience with it affecting you.
> You go and talk about racism yet lump white guys responding into a
> group as if they are bad people if they reply to you? As well you
> think this group is the "vlogosphere"??
> Wow..just...wow.
> David
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> >
> > I'm pretty angry, but please take this in the spirit in which it is
> intended.
> >
> > I made a video about how the sexist comments on this listserv made me
> > feel.  It's not all in fun, and having just joined the list after
> > resisting for months, I know why I was warned not to bother with this
> > "conversation" at all.  I'll keep my subscription, but I'll probably
> > go back to deleting all of the messages.  Thanks to one like-minded
> > female who emailed me to alert me to today's dose of bullshit.
> >
> > Go watch this:
> > http://modernfeminist.blogspot.com/2006/05/sexism-in-vlogosphere.html
> >
> > And thank you to all of the men and women who tried to put a stop to
> > all of this.  It mostly amazes me what will be said when you know
> > countless people will read these emails...but I guess if you're so
> > unaware that you're being sexist, you may not care.
> >
> > See you at VloggerCon, where I'll be discussing inclusion in the
> > vlogosphere...or lack thereof.
> >
> > Brittany
> > http://bshoot.blogspot.com
> > http://modernfeminist.blogspot.com
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