hello, my name is addy and i am new to this group,
not new to video on the web, i started in streaming
media 1996 as content producer, after some time i am
back in action and i have a video blog.
i use ilife which makes it very easy, but
when i try to submit my video log/, i am asked to type
in the individual feed info, but with ilife it does
not give me that info.
can you help?
thank you,

--- Jan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> While editing the Vlog FAQ <
> http://www.voxmedia.org/wiki/Vlogosphere_FAQ > at
> our wiki this morning, ran into the underused
> Classifieds Section <
> >.
> That got me thinking about Vloggercon. Got some
> stuff for sale or giveaway? Now would be the time to
> let folks know so you can do the deal at Vloggercon.
> Not attending? Here's an idea: Ship your stuff to
> Road Node 101 House and we can deal with it there.
> CAVEAT: Only ship us stuff you're prepared to donate
> should it not sell. That way, we don't have to ship
> it back to you, which would be a
> headache-and-a-half. Anything not taken by the end
> of the conference will be donated to Node 101.
> Write me off list if you want to get some gear out
> of the house.
> Jan
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> "It isn't done alone. Pay more."
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> http://vlogpresskit.blogspot.com - media
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