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> Your site's particular audience, however, may stray from general
> consumer norms either way... some sites target early adopters, other
> sites target people with locked machines. Varies.
I think John makes a great point here.  My sites generally target
people who are just now getting comfortable with email (and are not
yet profficient at it) who think it is a big deal to do a Google
search. There have been a number of problems with the upgrade to Flash
8 ranging from people on networks at work who do not have authority to
alter software to people who went on the adobe site and then panicked
when they had to do an install for the first time to people who had
been warned not to add anything at all for fear of viruses, spyware,
trojans, etc. It was not until I put up many many links to
on2.com/flashtest that I was able to get people to upgrade.

I am sticking with Flash 8 for one reason.  It will stream out good
quality video at a decent bitrate without buffering during normal
internet loads.  I have making what may be the most narrow niche vlogs
in the vologosphere: Icelandic horses.  No matter. But in order to
show the fluidity of the horses' gaits I had to be able to compress at
30 fps.  I tried every variety of QuickTime but I could not get it to
stream with the quality I needed without stuttering. My target
audience could care less about iPods or re-mixing and editing.  They
just want to sit down at the computer and watch a movie about
something that they happen to be passionate about.

Stan Hirson

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