Wow... that was ingenious. Bekah has got to be my new favorite
vlogger!  I think if I showed more of my goofy side, my vlog would
look more like hers...


--- In, "Heath" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The whole "remember your first time" thing got me thinking and I was
> just wondering myself, what was the ONE vlog "episode" that really got
> you.  The one where you sat up and really noticed, something that moved
> you, or made you angery or just made you go hmmmmmm.  Something that
> sticks with you to this day, the one you point more people to than any
> other...well hopefully you get the idea...
> Here is mine
> It was the first time I saw the real side of someone in the vlogshere,
> to be honest I'm not completly sure why it has stuck with me. I had
> seen other personal vlogs before, but this one still sticks with me, it
> made me care, it just moved me, that's all I can say I guess, it made
> me realize "what" vlogging could do.........
> Just curious about your moment....
> Heath - Batman Geek

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