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As Jay and others have said re: length of videos, I echo, but add that
I get full-length documentaries via bit torrent. Very large files,
sometimes upwards of a gig or two.

Am curious how the vlog-as-documentary will shake out, as I've one in
mind, so, perhaps the documentarians can share their experiences here.
Hoping Kent Bye will chime in a bit. His Echochamber project is pretty
darned great. http://www.echochamberproject.com/vlog

Just begin to conceive of how it might be to make a vlog doc. Wonder if
documentaries as longer works will 'play' broken into many days'
entries.  Seems like it would work well, at least in theory. Do you
begin with a long work and break it up or make a series of shorter
stand-alone works and in the end stitch the many smaller pieces into
the long work?


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On May 30, 2006, at 10:24 PM, Jay dedman wrote:

> On 5/30/06, J. Rhett Aultman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Well, our first "real documentary" post was finished today.  Boy, did
>> I
>> ever learn more than I wanted to about managing large amounts of
>> footage, working interviews together into something coherent, etc,
>> etc.
>> I learned all of it the hard way this time, so hopefully that'll never
>> happen again.
>> I don't pimp out the vlog very often, but this is a step forward in
>> our
>> production, so I'll do it this time.
>> http://www.weatherlight.com/freetime
> Hey Rhett--
> goog job here.
> some people will say that people wont watch a video thats too long
> (over 5 minutes).
> you can always cut the video into pieces...segments of the same story.
> but i can tell you guys put a lot of work into this...really good job.
> it gets a whole lot easier.
> Jay
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