I liked the idea of being able to zap vids to other people til I
read this:


 You can play a transmitted song only three times, all within three
 days. After that, it expires. You’re left with only a text tag that
 shows up on your PC so that — how convenient! — you can buy the song
 from Microsoft’s store.

This copy protection is as strict as a 19th-century schoolmarm. Just
playing half the song (or one minute, whichever comes first) counts as
one “play.” You can never resend a song to the same friend. A beamed
song can’t be passed along to a third person, either.

What’s really nuts is that the restrictions even stomp on your own
musical creations. Microsoft’s literature suggests that if you have a
struggling rock band, you could “put your demo recordings on your Zune”
and “when you’re out in public, you can send the songs to your
friends.” What it doesn’t say: “And then three days later, just when
buzz about your band is beginning to build, your songs disappear from
everyone’s Zunes, making you look like an idiot.”

At 01:26 AM 11/15/2006, you wrote:
>I don't know any of the specs, but the video quality/control on it actually
>seems pretty good.

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