There is only one Truth.

There are, however, many view points with regard to that Truth.






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.. further to that, there is also the question of whether there could
actually be "a truth" (The Truth) or whether there are multiple
"truths".... or merely representations...


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> Den 27.11.2006 kl. 03:39 skrev Charles Iliya Krempeaux
> > I'm not sure what you mean here. How could that video show anything
> > but the truth. (You don't believe it to be a fake do you?)
> While a video camera records what it sees it rarely shows The Truth, and
> assuming so is dangerous. There is always the matter of perspective when
> recording a video. In the very simplest of terms the camera was turned on
> at a specific time and turned off at a specific time, and while it was
> turned on it was pointed in one direction and not in other directions.
> After that comes the issues regarding editing and other post-production
> work. The choices made when shooting or editing need not to be malicious
> to be misleading and the question of interpretation is just as important
> with video as with reading a written account.
> A video can never show The Truth (as in 'how did this event transpire').
> Video is not omnipresent, it can only show a situation as it happened from
> one perspective and that's the important thing to remember.
> For an easy intro to this kind of stuff I can recommend Rasmus Dahl's
> article "Disctinctions in Documentary Television" (in "The Aesthetics of
> Television", Aalborg University Press, 2001)
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