Hi all,

I'm a regular reader of this group and thought I'd chime in with my recent 
experience with Levelator after hearing about it here yesterday. I have an 
interview video of my Grandparents that I did some years ago where I 
interviewed them both about an event in their life. Needless to say the audio 
wasn't as top notch as I had hoped. My Grandmother talked much more softly than 
my Grandfather. I boosted her audio portions when I edited it in iMovie, but 
the result was still not what I had hoped. I just dealt with it until last 

I opened the video in iMovie, extracted the audio, exported using Quicktime 
Expert Settings (sound to AIFF), then dropped that into Levelator. I imported 
that audio file back into iMovie and muted the sound on the original video 
clips. It worked great! I now have a video of them talking with background 
music and it sounds way better than it did before!

I highly recommend Levelator!


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