Wasn't it the case that  "blog" once implied personal but eventually 
became a generic enough term such that personal or professional is not

There a problem with assuming the same thing will eventually happen with
"Vlog"? I mean, I think that reacting with wild negativity to being
associated with the term only hampers the process of the term/the medium
getting to the point of being taken seriously.

That said, I hope I don't have to get overweight to become a respected

-David Kowarsky
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> I agree with Andrew...
> Vlog is simply short for video blog.
> Blog is short for Web log.
> So which of these words are we debating?...
> Video: Most people recognize moving pictures, regardless of its
> Web: This is an obvious given.
> Log: This is just a list, usually tracked by time.
> So where could we possibly be confused?
> Maybe it is the combined word "blog"?
> Do people associate the word blog with only personal online journals?
> If so, I do not share that limited view of blogging. Both blog and
> vlog plainly define a very general use of the Web.
> Maybe we should be creating a standard list of video genres? After
> that, lets build a rating scale. All we then need is two overweight
> critics. Vloggywood here we come!
> -Matt
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> (And yes, I have thought about moving to a better domain.)
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> andrew@ wrote:
> >
> > When someone engages in the regular activity of posting online
> > be it aimless, their own show or their own favorite links, in each
> > case, its a an ongoing log of videos.
> >
> > YouTube (which uses the word 'vlog' in their interface), Blip and
> > many other blog software packs are content management systems for
> > logging data, be it text, images, video or whatever.
> >
> > Video specific sites like Youtube and Blip are designed specifically
> > for the activity of logging video, or, vlogging.
> >
> > Drew

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