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Hi Lisa, 


The Hannah Arendt "On Benjamin" DVD can be purchased from the following


However, the distributor has placed a number of contractual restrictions
on the use of the title, including disallowing ILL AND not allowing use
outside "the premises of the purchasing institutions".  These
restrictions may have discouraged libraries besides York from acquiring
this title, as they seemingly forbid circulation of the film.


To address another of your questions, a good overview of past and recent
ILL of media items can be found in:


Barbara J. Bergman. "Making the Most of Your Video Collection: Trends in
Patron Access and Resource Sharing." Library 

Trends 58.3 (2010): 335-348.


Hope this helps!


Brian Boling

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Subject: [Videolib] Fw: Hannah Arendt Footage--Any ideas?


Dear Film Lovers, 


Hannah Arendt
On Walter Benjamin
65 minutes, b&w

I checked this is on World Cat. York University in Ontario is the only
who has it. I am curious, is it normal 

for only one institution out a world-wide network to own an item
dvd,vhs, etc.? Or, maybe it never was entered 

into the database? So, how do you get to watch it? 

Also, I just want to confirm: 

In general, library institutions are not particularly keen on doing ILL
for media for obvious reasons, right? 

Much appreciation for your help. 

Lisa Flanzraich
Media and Reference Librarian
Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library
Queens College
Room 344
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Re: Hannah Arendt Footage--Any ideas?



Hi Lisa

No Hannah on Film here, unfortunately.


The only two appearances of Arendt on film (at least US film) that I
of are:

A long-out-of-distribution doc entitled The Exiles.

A Michael Blackwood filmed lecture by Arendt on Walter Benjamin

good luck!


> Hello Gary,
>I thought you could point me in a good direction to find any media
materials about
> Hannah Arendt archived at UCB since she was a professor there for

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