There are many Frontline programs available online, but this doesn’t appear to 
be one of them. Rats.

I assume it deals assisted suicide?

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Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2011 10:43 AM
Subject: [Videolib] Frontline "An Appointment with Death" 1994

Does anyone know if Frontline has reissued any of their earlier episodes in DVD 
formats. Looking for the following, used heavily in our philosophy program:

An Appointment with death

a production of K.A. Productions in association with TVOntario for Frontline 
and The Health Quarterly ; Virginia Storring, producer ; John Zaritsky, 

[Alexandria, Va.] : distributed by PBS Video, 1994.

If anyone has any suggestions for more recent productions, I'd be interested in 
that also.

Randal Baier
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