Hi deg and all,

Film Ideas is giving away the source code to its streaming service, no strings 
attached. The hope is to increase our digital sales but there is no requirement 
to buy. You can review the interface at www.fichannels.com and click on the 
free trial for instance access. You do not have to register.

You can brand the site any way you want and it is easy to enter your own 
subjects, resources, etc. I can train an admin person in less than an hour.


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>   4. What do you use for streaming videos? (Deg Farrelly)

VIDEOLIB is intended to encourage the broad and lively discussion of issues 
relating to the selection, evaluation, acquisition,bibliographic control, 
preservation, and use of current and evolving video formats in libraries and 
related institutions. It is hoped that the list will serve as an effective 
working tool for video librarians, as well as a channel of communication 
between libraries,educational institutions, and video producers and 

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