Given that you're interested in cheap but not TOO cheap, I'll pipe up to say 
that I recently purchased a JFJ EasyPro Plus unit to take care of our DVD 
cleaning/minor disc repair needs.  Which is to say, on an as-needed basis, not 
on a "we routinely clean everything" basis.  I've only had it for a couple of 
months, but so far, it's been good.  Cost is about $125.

Susan Albrecht

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Thanks for the response.  Looks like the RTI machines have more chatter so far. 
 We just received a flyer to purchase a VMI Hybrid machine for a "mere" 
$1,600.00.  Though it is probably a good investment, that sounded a bit steep.  
But, then one does get what one pays for usually.  So, I want to optimize our 
purchase with the best machine for the least money.  But, I don't want to go 
"cheap."  In the past we have use the standard manual disc scratch remover 
things for about $30 bucks or so.  Mixed results with that. Not really 

Mike, you recommend the VMI over the RTI machine.  Does it really do a better 
job?  Is it more reliable?  I assume it might at least be more durable.  Thanks 
for the info.


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