Hi Lindsay!

If the multi-volume set arrives as one unit (for example Homeland seasons 1-3) 
then assign all items (where an item is one DVD case that may contain 1-2 
discs) the same accession number (DVD 2015- 0999, for example), and then each 
item gets an additional enumeration (discs 1-2, discs 3-4, etc.). For something 
like the Great Speeches, if we picked up all 27 volumes at the same time then 
they'd be treated similarly but since they are clearly identified by the 
producer as a volumed set then our enumeration would mimic that so we'd have 
DVD 2015-0999, v.1; DVD 2015- 0999, v.2; etc. If, however, we had picked up 
individual volumes over time, then they'd most like each have their own 
accession number reflective of where they arrived in our workflow. The latter 
happens due to lack of staff time to manage a potentially significant shift to 
accommodate the integration of just a few DVDs into our closed stacks 

-lisa H.
Music & Media Librarian
Tulane University

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Dear colleagues,

I am wondering how your respective libraries handle multi-volume sets that are 
given accession numbers rather than call numbers.

Does each individual DVD or VHS (!) have a unique accession number, or do you 
use the same number but have an add-on such as volume 1, disk 1, etc?

For example, if you have the Great Speeches collection, do you catalog them 
with different accession numbers or do you use 1235 vol 1, 1235 vol 2?

I am only interested in how the numbering would work for a closed collection, 
not for anything that is browsable or in the stacks.

Thank you for your feedback.

Lindsay Hansen

Lindsay J. Hansen

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