Hi lorraine (and list),

Did you reach out to  i...@aisphila.org<mailto:i...@aisphila.org> to see how 
the acquired their copy for this event?


(You're probably 2 steps ahead of me, but wanted to throw it out there, just in 


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Hi CW,

I'm looking for the film:  Un Americano a Roma, directed by Steno.


The faculty would like the film in Italian with English subtitles.

I've been all over Amazon Italy and there are no copies with english subtitles.

I checked worldcat and I see no libraries holding copies with English subtitles.

Doing a web search I've found film festivals that have shown the film and 
indicate that it is in italian with english subtitles.  I'm assuming it exists 

Then I see that Ripley's Home Video is the distributor that most Worldcat 
holdings purchase -- but no English subtitles.

Is there a trick, distributor, database, where I am not looking?  Ideas are 

thank you for your help,

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