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We are pleased to introduce the Journal of Copyright in Education and 
Librarianship ( The journal, founded by Carla Myers 
(University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), Tucker Taylor (University of South 
Carolina), and Andrew Wesolek (Clemson University), is a peer-reviewed 
open-access publication for original articles, reviews and case studies that 
analyze or describe the strategies, partnerships and impact of copyright law on 
public, school, academic, and digital libraries, archives, museums, and 
research institutions and their educational initiatives. The Journal’s founding 
Editorial Board includes some of the nation’s foremost experts in copyright and 
higher education, including: Kyle Courtney (Harvard University), Kenneth  D. 
Crews (Gipson Hoffman & Pancione), Donna Ferullo (Purdue University), Christine 
Fruin (University of Florida), Isaac Gilman (Pacific University), Dick Kawooya 
(University of South Carolina), Tomas Lipinski (University of 
Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Lisa Macklin (Emory University), Sarah McCleskey (Hofstra 
University), and Kevin Smith (University of Kansas).

The first issue features papers based on presentations delivered at the 2016 
Kraemer Copyright Conference, held this past Spring at the University of 
Colorado, Colorado Springs as well as an essay from Editorial Board member 
Kenneth D. Crews about the considerations the Board made in drafting the author 
agreement.  Also included in this first issue is an article about streaming 
media by William Cross, More than a House of Cards: Developing a Firm 
Foundation for Streaming Media and Consumer-Licensed Content in the 

The Journal will be published bi-annually in the fall and spring and welcomes 
submissions for future issues, including original research and practitioner 
experience papers, legal analysis, as well as submissions in alternative 
formats. The Journal appreciates the sponsorship of University of Colorado, 
Colorado Springs and the support of the University of Kansas, Clemson 
University, and the University of South Carolina.

We hope you enjoy this publication as much as we enjoyed editing it.

Best Regards,

Carla Myers, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Tucker Taylor, University of South Carolina
Andrew Wesolek, Clemson University

Founding Editors-in-Chief
VIDEOLIB is intended to encourage the broad and lively discussion of issues 
relating to the selection, evaluation, acquisition,bibliographic control, 
preservation, and use of current and evolving video formats in libraries and 
related institutions. It is hoped that the list will serve as an effective 
working tool for video librarians, as well as a channel of communication 
between libraries,educational institutions, and video producers and 

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