Hi Toby,

 >      > I'll be available from Tuesday afternoon on. What about wednesday
>     13:00 UTC
>      > and 15:00 UTC?
>     Both of these are fine by me! Sorry for the delay responding.
> Let's stay 15:00UTC, then, after the tea!
> Karl has been pretty busy lately. In case he cannot come on Wednesday
> perhaps we should re-arrange it later. Since you're going to Texas on
> Sunday, we should be careful!

I should be fine with Wednesday, 15:00 UTC.

>     I've also now managed to integrate user-provided kernels into the
>     PyViennaCL expression graph. Have a look at [1]. The user provides a
>     subclass of CustomNode describing the argument and result types and
>     giving either the kernel source or a callable kernel object, and then
>     any instance of the class is treated just like any other PyViennaCL
>     statement node: it is computed only when necessary, and admits of all
>     the usual operations.
>     At the moment, OpenCL and main memory back-ends are supported, and any
>     number of operands. So you can use it to implement any arbitrary
>     function of any set of ViennaCL objects.
>     [1]
> https://github.com/viennacl/pyviennacl-dev/blob/custom-kernels/examples/simple-custom-node-sum.py
> Excellent! It will be very convenient to python users who need (and can
> code) functionnalities not yet implemented into ViennaCL and/or ported
> to pyViennaCL, such as sorting, etc. You can also provide some routines
> for customizations, such as setting the local sizes / global sizes. If
> it is already possible, it would be nice to add it to the example.

Toby, this is excellent, great news! Let's discuss additional feature 
ideas at the IRC meeting then.

Best regards,

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