Ro^`i!! May' chu? ddo'ng go'p la` AMD64-Athlon-2GHz/1GB RAM/40 GB Maxtor/450W PS.. (Xem du+o+'i)

From: "Larry Nguyen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [Vietlug] Terminal Server Client in EDU:
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 20:46:15 -0600

On 10:58:14 am 01/10/06 "G TT" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thu+a ca'c ba'c,
> To^i co' the^? ddo'ng go'p mo^.t pha^`n ta`i cha'nh va` go'p co^ng
> trong "$3000 EDU Project" ma` ba'c Larry/ dde^`nghi. (Co'
> the^? pha^`n MO^.T ma'y chu?\.)

Ca'm o+n ba'c G TT. DDu+o+.c u?ng ho^. cho ca'i ma'y server thi` hay qua'.
DDa~ la^u ro^`i NDKi'nh cu~ng co' ddi.nh la`m va^.y, kho^ng bie^'t Ki'nh
co' co`'ng nu+~a hay 0?

Ro^`i!! May' chu? ddo'ng go'p la` AMD64-Athlon-2GHz/1GB RAM/40 GB Maxtor/450W PS..
Cho rie^ng mi`nh ddia. chi? dde^? gu+?i UPS/FedEx dde^'n :)

\. DDie^`u kie^.n la`:
> 1. He^. tho^'ng pha?i cha.y vnlinux/EDU/secure va` pha?i ddu+o+.c
> thu+? nghie^.m va` documented (OS/software/Server-client
> installation, setup va` administration) tru+o+'c\.

Hi Hi ca'i na`y kha' ca(ng nhu+ng la`m ddu+o+.c. Kho^ng bie^'t co' ai xung
phong 0? :) Pha^`n na`y la` pha?i co'.

Ba.n Thai' (thai <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>) dda~ xung phong tre^n List va` ba.n NDKi'nh, nhu+ Larry no'i tre^n... O^ng Ba^`u Larry ke^'t ho+.p va` ba('t dda^`u pha^n co^ng la` vu+`a :)
> 2. Hoan nghe^nh vie^.c ke^u go.i va` ddo'ng go'p cu?a ca'c
> business/co^ng ty/ca' nha^n cho mo.i thu+' (laptops/LAN
> NICs/monitors/hub/router/cables..) ke^? ca? ddo^`du`ng ro^`i nhu+ng
> thi'ch ho+.p cho LTSP (xem tri'ch * du+o+'i). Song ta^m ly' "ca^y
> nha`la' vu+o+`n" la` go.i ca'c ho.c sinh/phu. huynh ddem ma'y
> nha`va`o "Le^`u vnlinux/2006(7?)" mo^.t nga`y tru+o+'c, dde^?
> technicians ga('n NIC va`o ma'y ho. no^'i ke^'t dde^'n
> server. Ho.c sinh/phu. huynh ddem ma'y nha`va`o se~ ddu+o+.c ta(.ng
> nhu+~ng bo^. pha^.n (NIC, games... :-) ) dda~ ga('n va`o
> lu'c hoa`n tra? ma'y. Server/documents-manuals/software thi` ta(.ng
> cho tru+o+`ng khi "Le^`u vnlinux/2006(7?)" ke^'t thu'c. Cho khu vu+.c
> ma` toa`n the^? chu+a co' ma'y rie^ng, thi` se~ cho ho.c
> sinh mu+o+.n ma'y (laptops/outdated desktops, ddo'ng go'p qua ca'c
> business/co^ng ty/ca' nha^n nhu+ dda~ dde^`ca^.p) va` se~ ta(.ng
> nguye^n ma'y cho ca'c ho.c sinh xua^'t sa('t theo tie^u chua^?n cu?a
> tru+o+`ng/ca'c phu. huynh/va`\.
> Ca'c ba'c va` Larry nghi~ sao?

Ba^y gio+` co' le~ tru+o+'c ma('t pha?i la`m xong ca'i vnlinuxEDU. Ke^'
tie^'p soa.n/chua^?n bi. dda^`y ddu? ta`i lie^.u. Sau ddo' mi`nh se~
nghie^n cu+'u tru+o+`ng na`o ddang ca^`n nha^'t (y' ca' nha^n thi'ch ca'c
tru+o+`ng mie^`n Ba('c vi` coi bo^. sie^ng ho+n trong Nam :) ) sau ddo'
mi`nh se~ le^n du+. a'n ha(~n hoi.

Ca'c ba'c, ca'c ba.n nghi~ sao? To^i ddo^`ng y' vo+'i Larry. Cha('c mi`nh pha?i xin y' kie^'n va` su+. giu'p ddo+? cu?a ca'c ba'c nhie^`u kinh nghie^.m o+? nha` va` ne^n mo+? ra mo^.t blog/forum/contact tre^n dde^? mo.i ngu+o+`i co' the^? ddo'ng go'p :)


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