I think smtpmail is a make-shift solution for sending mail from client machines. You might try experimenting with msmtp, which is a native program that implements the SMTP protocol for your machine. Here is the link to the msmtp page:



On 5/20/2011 9:30 AM, emacs user wrote:
hi all,

These aren't bug reports, but more like feature requests, in the hope
that these features already exist and I dont know how to activate

I use vm with smtpmail to send mail.  when on a slow wireless
connection, sending 20Mb attachments can take over 10 minutes.  I am
wondering if there is a way to get some progress indicator, such as a
continuously updating "percent uploaded" in the echo area?

also, smtp fails quite often, and then I am left with the outgoing
mail buffer.  I can press c-c c-c to try again and that works in most
cases, but then it adds the message to the outgoing folder again, so I
need to erase the .FCC line by hand.  wouldn't it be good if a failed
message was automatically put in "outgoing folder" such as a queued-
mail directory, and then sent at a later time?  perhaps when smtpmail
is called again to send another message?

cheers, E

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