I use vm's summary mode and most of the time I have a frame with just
that buffer visible. I've found a minor annoyance is that when I
vm-get-new-mail and if there is new mail, vm then splits that window,
and shows the presentation window under it, I have a few new emails that
I've not read yet (yes I know!!) so the really new ones aren't visible I
then put the window situation back to what it was and go and find the
really new ones.

I looked at vm-frame-per-summary but that isn't what I want. I'm quite
happy with when *I* type 'space' the summary frame splits but I don't
like vm deciding to do it for me! Am I missing some other configuration

For the moment what I'm trying is
(defun rajm:keep-summary-full ()
  (if (eq major-mode 'vm-summary-mode)
(add-hook 'vm-arrived-messages-hook 'rajm:keep-summary-full)

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