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>> I looked at vm-frame-per-summary but that isn't what I want. I'm quite
>> happy with when *I* type 'space' the summary frame splits but I don't
>> like vm deciding to do it for me! Am I missing some other configuration
>> variable?
> Hi, see the manual section on "Navigating".
> Cheers,
> Uday

Looking at the 8.2.0b info there's no Navigation section I've been to
the latest bzr trunk and, looking at the section there, I'm not sure what
you're pointing me to? My question is about the window configuration
rather than moving around the summary window - I have a frame set up as
I want with just the summary visible and I don't want just getting email
to cause the frame /window layout to change. The real content of my
issue lies in the snipped bit:

        when I vm-get-new-mail and if there is new mail, vm then splits
        that window, and shows the presentation window under it,

I want to prevent this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and at the moment I'm using
vm-arrived-messages-hook to do this.

It might be nice (IMHO) if running vm-summarize when the summary buffer
is already visible - when it doesn't appear to do anything - for it just
to show the summary buffer - in which case my issue would be more or
less solved. I had been doing C-x 1 which doesn't (for me lie well under
the fingers)

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