Your answer was useful, thanks!

Well, I'm still here, playing around with VIFF and a simple web application, while I really should have been writing my master's thesis;-)

Now my only problem is to get my VIFF program and SimpleXMLRPCServer to work together. I have three MPC servers which receive the same XML-RPC message. When this happens, they will start the multiparty protocol. It works for one such request, but when setting the XML-RPC server to serve_forever() weird things start to happen.

I don't know if I need to shutdown the runtime in order to start the protocol once more, or if the runtime can stay alive "forever". Also, I'm thinking that maybe the XML-RPC part of the program should run as an own thread? Right now this part doesn't work - that's for sure! Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.


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Hi Håvard, good to hear from you!

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I hope that makes some sense, otherwise please ask again :-)
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