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As some of you might know I have not programmed that much in VIFF because I am more familiar with C++ and Java than Python as a programming language. Therefore I have now created a Java rival to VIFF. Taking all the good design principles from VIFF and adding some things that VIFF cannot offer such as multi-threading.
I have taken a look at the code. It's a bit hard to follow without further explanation, but I think I understand the basics. At least it seems like I wouldn't have a hard time writing small MPC programs using your code (MPCTestAlgorithm certainly looks quite simple).

As Thomas has suggested, yes it would be fun to see benchmark comparisons with VIFF.

When VIFF was designed, I don't think it was the idea to skip multithreading with the knowledge that it would be worse or slower. A thorough comparison of both schemes could help show if there are any clear advantages to either of them. I hereby volunteer someone else to do all the work :)

The program still has one drawback, in that the different players communicate over Java queues, and these queues cannot communicate through sockets. Therefore it is not a complete MPC implementation.

This part sounds a bit odd to be honest.

The whole program was programmed and tested in just 34 hours (including 6 hours sleep). It contains 2115 lines of code and 32 classes
Ouch :)
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